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Well it was good hanging out with a recovering snow_lynx  and trotfox . Plus with a snuggly gothman. snow_lynx  read me her latest piece of fan fiction [Christmas bells] which I thought was awesome. Then I looked at mine and just kicked it to the curb [Junk].



Had pizza watched a little bit of a cheesy anime watch made a comment “You know it’s a bad anime when..” and snow_lynx  started to write down a list. I love her for that hehehe


Then we watched Van Helsing. I fell asleep and so on.


This coming Thursday will be a huge challenge since I have to cook for five people on one that is not a picky person or a cook. I am just hoping I can insure my own sanity by the end of the day. LOL


My plan is to start making stuff in the morning while watching the MACY’s Parade.

Tidy up around the house some more and cook more. Chop up the stuff that needs to and throw all together once everyone starts showing up.


Well I should have most of my home made gifts done soon. I just have to go out to the art supply store and pick up some more illustration pens. Not as grand as redwing’s talent but meh..


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Nov. 19th, 2004 07:43 am (UTC)
Holiday survival cooking tips
Stepb! I am so excited for you..(yeah im writing this before I take my drugs for the day) Thats an excellent plan...I might have a couple tried and true suggestions for you. Here is one from when I was about your age, and was cooking for a very large group.

1. Baste the turkey with a nice white wine. Nothing worse than a dried out turkey. This requires dedication and followup in search of the perfect bird. Start basting it early, and oft. Everytime the turkey gets a shot, so does the cook. By the time its time to serve it up, you wont care if the stuffing is dry, or the pie is not quite right. You will also have no qualms telling people to do their own dam dishes you are not the maid. The trade off in hostess points is well worth the taste however.

2. Do as much as possible in advance, make your menu and ingrediant list and gather recipie ingrediants into groups the night before. If your ambitious you can do some chopping the night before and just keep it in baggies. This is also the perfect time to make sure the wine is acceptable for the turkey you will be basting... The night before is best to do any necessary cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms etc. Leave vaccuming for the football game, so the men will be forced to help out a little bit. They may even do it during commericals and thats one less thing for you to do.

3. There is nothing wrong with asking guests to bring a vegetable, bread or dessert. Or better yet, a bottle of white wine since your supply will be depleated.

4. Lastly, It is ok to send them home. No mantter how good of friends, no matter if its just family, I have always loved and stressed over holiday cooking. At the end of the night, when they are all fed, happy and crashed on my couch...i go hide..go to a movie, see my horse, hide online, read a book, or start the xmas planning list or make arrangements for our Day after Thanksgiving traditional outting.. Usually ice skating, but we might have to do a board game this year..lol..

5. Lastly, it's all about community..sharing a meal with those you love whether they are the family of your blood or the family of your heart..if you forget to serve something, they prolly wont notice..if you mess up something, oh well. And Macy's? You rock lil sister...That has been my tradition since I can remember, its just no one but my Gramps and I would get up to watch it..lol.. now its just me..and I have been thinking of kicking the coffee up a notch to go with it...but it might clash with the white wine.. Which is one of the rare acceptable uses for the stuff in my book..lmao...cooking..

Think of me as Martha meets Julia Child in the next life...lmao..no..no dont...Ill be in therapy for several lifespans after that...
Nov. 19th, 2004 09:38 am (UTC)
Re: Holiday survival cooking tips
You totally rock! Thanks
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