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This weekend

Welp.. It was a brutle weekend of fun and pain..

But all worth it..

Just wish I had more time to say hi and good bye to people.
It was good to see some of my friends at Akon .. I am worried about Cobweb..: mutters:: Busy busy busy!

And I need to send Thanks to Clue girl for The Phoenix Print. I am soo excited! another piece of art work for my Phoenix Collection from a Awesome Friend!

Phoenix always loves Art.. Even with a Phoenix in IT!


Mean while.. Pinky is now fine.. but the ribs on my rights of my upper back .. are bruised.. what is it with me.. and ribs in sword fighting.. I give up.. bleh!

I am getting my pcitures delevloped from Scarby and I cant wait to see what they look like!

:: squeels with exictment!:: EEEEEee!!!!

Torn between choices..

I love Doing ren faires.. But my body and mind needs a rest.. I want to do Akon next year for the whole weekend.

GODS! I hate my choices in the matter.

I am sure I will have my thoughts on this better constructed later on..

ANY WAYS!! I need to get some water and get ready for Work work work !

YIPPY!.. No Friggan confirmation of interview.. yet.. I dont know what to say .. I feel screwed over.. But I shouldnt .. cause it's still early .. maybe I will get a word in the matter soon..



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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 3rd, 2002 10:38 am (UTC)
Re: Ack!!
ehh.. Landed on my cup in my back .. and it's just bruised.. and Welt hit yet again in the fingers.. :: shrugs:: I will live..

Thanks !=D
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