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Tis the season to be pissy..

I am really tired of the pity trips..


I am reaaally tried of people assuming things from me with out fucking asking me first. What the hell people, you claim to be my friend or want to be my friend but then you assume that I think ill things of you?


Sure some people piss me off but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to everyone.

The only people I hold grudges against are those that truly back stabbed me.


Am I feeling just a little pissed off about the situation? YES! Do I have a right to be? I certainly feel like I do.


I feel so rushed lately and no time for anyone. I feel utterly gross and ugly all over right now and I don’t think this will go away any time soon.


I don’t need pity on my situation I just need a god damn beer right now.



No guilt trips are needed thank you very  much ..