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The day after next

Things are slowly getting better here and there.
Last night was ST Patty’s day and in the true sense of the holiday Gothman and me went to a French restaurants. Had a nice time pleasant little place, went home passed out about 11 at night.

Today is jeans day and I am kicking back and chilling until my ill moment of hour with the manager for feed back.

Heh I am not too thrilled by this, but what ever works ehh?

*sighs* lately I feel more incline to work on things that are certainly important, but normally I would put off to the side until the last min. I guess it’s cause I nervous about something and I feel I need to get everything done at once.

Soo.. yeah, spiritually I am still distracted so I can still disconnected on certain things and every time I think I have some me time the phone rings or people come over. So I have placed some days off that no one knows about and I am just going away. Yes I finally did it and I will just go poof for a few days and chill and attempt to find that connection.

Yeah found out there might be a chance I will be going to Night shift. I am not holding breath until I see the proof. But any ways moving right along with life and all its glories political BS in the work place.

Saw something Humorous the other day. It was a Bumper sticker that said. “Don’t believe Liberal Media Hype” I almost laughed out really load when I saw that.


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Mar. 18th, 2005 09:03 am (UTC)
Random urge for hugs.
:: looks around with shifty eyes, pounces, and gives lots an lots of hugs.::
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