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>_> damn Mondays to hell

Yes I had too much fun chasing my family around Scarby on Sat. I ran more than I think I had on cast making sure everyone was fed, Medicated, Sun blocked [which I failed to do on myself] and saying hello to everyone.

The part of the day is having out famous Gypsy knife thrower kiss my aunt’s hand. She would not shut up on the way home about it. Kids… No really that is what my family is a bunch damn kids.

I was miffed at my self cause I forgot my pin number on my card but now looking at it I am glad I didn’t know it for other reasons. I am hurting now but it’s not from Sat but from other stuff. I had a relapse of coughing on Sunday night from all the smoking around me. It hurt a lot but I am doing better.

Today at work it’s Jeans day which helped out for the most part but some of the callers suck ass. Oh well what I can do about it? NOTHING!

Does anyone know where I can get Sundrop sodas? If you do let me know.. PLEASE?!!!

>_> in other news.. With all the hype of Natural disasters I am just wondering what the next even would be..


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Apr. 14th, 2005 07:42 am (UTC)
natural disaster?
H & I were talking about that the other day... he thinks the world is overdue for another widespread plauge like the Black Death. :P
Apr. 16th, 2005 11:45 pm (UTC)
You workin' scarby this year? I know a certain dorky asian anime store owner who has a season pass and would be interested in harassing hanging with you if you are.

Actually I'd go see you too...I got talked into one of them season pass thingies.
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