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Oooooo Lys, Redwing,, epic Dream special

Yeah okay so I will finish this dream up for you guys.





I get back to the camp site and the guy looks around slowly and holds up a hand everyone just looks at him in awe because they know who he is. I just lean in and ask softly what is going on. He points up to the trees. “We will camp in the tree tonight I want four volunteers to set up camp over there in the open.”


Two scouts volunteered, then I did and he gave me this leery look and I shrugged it off, there was no way I was going to endanger people in my group with out putting my self first. Besides I was only an officer in this group not the leader he took that job right up. He only nodded and walked with me gripping my arm firmly, it didn’t hurt it was just more to get my attention he leaned in and whispered. “I can’t afford to lose you.”


I felt hairs on the back of my neck stand on ends and looked at him confused. “There are more sword fighters that are willing to stand in my place and do the job.”


He glared at me with a deep concern almost. “None can replace you however. I will stay by you understand?”


I only nodded thinking this was strange by far. We set up the camp while the others slept in the trees. The idea was to make it seem like the camp was exposed so we could get rid of the others things following us. I sat down by the fire, just staring at it thinking it would tell me something, when a swarm of fairies just burst through the camp and knocked me over. I recovered quickly as they surrounded us but unarmed and I didn’t feel any threat from them.


“We need to help you, We are here to insure you are well.”


They said in unison which was freaky I just sat there dumbfounded not really sure how to handle this.


“You honor us with your loyality.”


Honor…. Us? WHAT??!! I felt like this was some joke why would that guy say that?


“What are you talking about It’s their kind that has been attack us along the way and trying to kill off the heirs.”


I blurted out and they all looked at me and I just stood there madder than a wolverine in a bear trap.


“We will take care of that issue soon. We are sorry for our corrupted cousins please do not hold any ill will on us.”


I felt so confused I was about to retort back but I felt a blunt pain in the back of my head. And blacked out only seeing that it was that guy who did this. What was going on?



Needless to say I wake up finally and we are on out way through a swamp and I have a headache from hell. One of the fairies zoomed up in my face and blinked a few times and pointed. “She is up! Do you need anything? Water? Food? Your mate? Cookies? A Hug?”


I only blinked a few times catching the billions of questions being tackled on me. “Yes water, no food, MATE?? What the hell?? Cookies.. isn’t that under food? Hugs?? What is this.. A “




I was shut up by woman looking down at me. I was in some kind of cart thing and she was walking by me. It was none other my friend Lys. She was holding this giant Sword and snickered “You know they are only innocent children wanting to help us.”


I gave a pouty expression and only nodded the fairy came back with a acorn full of water.” HERE!” The little thing was beaming like it was an achievement and I felt guility and took it and sipped. “Uhh thank you very much.”


Lys was it up with this Mate thing? Was that just a joke?”


Lys snorted a giggle and shook her head. “Someone didn’t study hard enough on raising a legendary protector.”


I looked baffled and sat up only to feel a lump on my head. “ouch.. .. Damn it.. all .. “


“Sparky you might want to lay back down.”  She forced me back down on the cart and I muttered.


“You are soo stubborn.”  I heard redwings voice and I glared at her with a evil smirk. “Look who is talking Frosty.”


She hissed at me and I turned to look at her and she was on Snow lynx form pawing her way through the swamping march.


“I hate.. That name…. “ She pounced on the cart on my legs and I reached up to pet her.


“Oh you like it…”  the Cat just purred and looked around carefully.


Lys spill it what are you talking about I didn’t study?”


I got rewarded with a snicker from both redwing and Lys and I just looked at them with a frown.  “This is not encouraging me a lot guys you need to help me out here.”



By this time redwing jumped out of the cart and shifted back to a human form and pulled out her bow and glanced around. “It means you made a deal with that guy and you promised your self to him in exchange for his help.”


“eekkkk… No way!”


“Yes… way…” They both replied back looking at each other with a shrug. “How did I miss that important detail??!!!!”


The guy turned and walked up to the cart and leaned in dangerously close with a  smug smirk. “You need me and there is no way you can back out of this.”


This some how spark a fuse with me “doesn’t mean I have to ..” *WHAM* punched him in the jaw. “enjoy it…ouch..” I rubbed my fist.


He turned his head and smirked putting a few fingers to his lip to see blood. “Feisty… Just the way I remembered you.”


I looked confused at this point but then everything around me changed and melted away. It was only me and him, he looked enraged and snarled at me. I was trying to get away from him. Both hands grabbed me and shook me making me look in at him.


“You betrayed me…” he snarled at me


“No I don’t know what you are talking about .. What”  I look stammered over my own words confused.


“You lied to me.. How could you??!!!”  He shoved me back and I felt as though my heart was breaking.


“But I didn’t lie.. what is ..”  everything started to look normal but him he flew up in the air above us his voice changed. 


“I want your promise now!”


I  jumped out of the head feeling dizzy but I didn’t care at this point. “If it means saving others FINE!.. what else do you want from me.??


It was like I meant to sacrifice everything just for this moment. “ You have to promise me that no matter what you will accept me….”


“But… “ I felt my world crumble Lys and redwing had their weapons aimed at him ready but I only held up my hand and sighed softly. “fine.. for the lives of others I will accept you…. “


With that said he landed down and walked over to me grabbing my hand and cutting it with a dagger. I hissed but I didn’t make any other nose. He cut his open and pressed his pal m to mine. “It’s sealed. ….”









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Apr. 27th, 2005 08:39 am (UTC)
Did this guy ever hear of STD's?? Shadey kinda guy like that... you never know where he's been. "You will be my bride" why does that remind me of countless numbers of plots seen in anime?

As for the heart breaking, I'd have to say you had some connection with the guy that your body knew about, but you didn't. Otherwise I'd be inclined to slug him again for pulling that crap ^.^

I had a dream recently that involved swords but I can not remember what.

Maybe you should write short stories about your dreams?
Apr. 27th, 2005 08:52 am (UTC)
T_T Nick .. No where did he say marriage just that I am his.. mate doesnt always mean flowers and wine ....

I would have been happy with a party .. damn him .. not even a steak dinner
Apr. 27th, 2005 09:59 am (UTC)
Thats the difference between me and him. He is a moron, I would go for the dinner ( And dessert!) and go someplace nice, preferably without nosey fairies watching. Someplace to relax.

Hell, mate may not mean always flowers and wine, but you have to be stupid not to, at least to me it seems that way. Power trip guys, god I hate em. :: grins:: Next time you have that dream Im sending my evil sholder demon to eat him. You can find a real prince afterwards ~.^ I could go into a rant about what a mate should be, but I think you already know most of what I'd say.

Demon: *perk* "did someone say dinner?"
Apr. 27th, 2005 10:35 am (UTC)
Oie.. Nick you are nutz hun
Apr. 27th, 2005 07:25 pm (UTC)
Yes I know. but thats why you love me. I'm pre cracked do you don't have to use the nut cracker. wait... that sounded wrong...
Apr. 27th, 2005 10:18 pm (UTC)
Umm yeah that did .. VERY WRONG
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