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Weekend update

So this weekend was great had a lot of fun with my friends and family.




trotfox , redwind , whitetigergeek  and myself drove up to a-kon. We were in costume while trotfox played Publicity Manager. Sadly cosplay was filled up already. BASTAGES!!!![Okay no one is to blame but me for not knowing better]. Got a lot of pics taken of us, but of coarse we would we were a hot bunch of people. Found my T-shirt of my dreams Tentaclesex .


And as always bought hentai for Gothman. Got to see flemco  and Zeee Fabbboooo takhisis . Went to the improve show and I thought it went well for the most part. Compare to last year we are getting better little by little and I love it ^_^ . And I realize now I am a prop hehehehe





creektoad , snow_lynx , whitetigergeek  and me again run back over to A-kon for round two. Hung out at the bar more than the convention. =/ had a lot on my mind needed help. So after that we took Drwings to the airport and told him to come back soon.


Went home and watched anime, porn  and spent sometime with gothman before crashing.



I wish I would have seen more of my friends but well I am sure next year will go a lot smoother.