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Today is just another day I suppose for the most part.



  • Got Team speak set up to talk to the guild
  • Woke later than normal so I guess I am getting used to this time frame
  • fugusha_kisai </span> is back so I don’t feel so worried now
  • Cramps are gone finally
  • Going to IHOP tonight to spend time with Greg




    1. Ever wonder why Tuesdays suck so much?
    2. No matter what there is someone that is going to feel neglected, I am not going to spread myself thin again.
    3. Who gives a fuck? Okay so I do V_V – damn it.
    4. I want my pocky T_T
    5. Sex will not be an option got this weekend, better stock up on chocolate. [please dont offer sex to me, I will say no.]
    6. Finally some nice quite time to do my own stuff.


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