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yeah ... wooo.. omg..

So I am at work.. normal work hours today.

Had a 30 min meeting over something we already knew.. Yippy..

Discovered with much frustration I left my drawing pad at home so this day seems to be a little longer than normal, I am looking forward to Friday cause I am going out with my team for food and drinks at TGIF. I am sure some of yah are wondering why I am posting so much lately, honestly I think it’s cause I have more free time at work than normal.


So just for the sake of conversation on my Live Journal


If you have three questions you would like to ask me I will go ahead and answer them honestly which means anything and everything I will answer.


So I am at your mercy now people.. throw them out there



Jun. 24th, 2005 08:04 am (UTC)
OHhh...I like this...
1. My first boss asked me this, when I was a sales rep in the middle of Iowa right out of college, and not very happy being so far away from my fiance, living in the middle of cornfields. "What would you do, (occupation wise) if money were no object? My answer was....Raise Mustangs in the SW on a small ranch and work with troubled teens. I still dream of the first part of that.

2. What historical woman do you admire the most?

3. Why do you role-play? What needs of yours does it meet?
Jun. 24th, 2005 10:10 am (UTC)
Re: OHhh...I like this...
1) If there were no limitations on resources and time I would love to travel the world and draw what inspired me and make an Art journal to share with everyone what I see through my eyes. Make little notes here and there about my adventures and my thoughts at the moment.

2) Eleanor Roosevelt I truely respect the woman for her wisdom and patients.

3) Uh boy.. You pulled out the big guns didn’t you? LoL Well at first I started to role play cause it was the only way to get my Boy Friend’s attention at the time when I was in middle school/ high school then I realized this feed my day dreams a lot and design interesting stories and tactics for other games. Over time get grew into an unhealthy habit just to escape from a lot of heart ache and losses in my life, and it had more of a negative impact on me with my health .Where I had to go to the hospital a few times for not taking better care of myself, when I was finally getting over things I role played cause I felt needed cause I wanted to be a support character in stories and help organize things cause it felt good to help out. Now I role play just to have fun and develop more ideas for stories in my head and flaws in characters and interesting Attributes that make the people more tangible .