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>_< TGIF Damn it all!! YAY!

What Stephers has learned today in the office.


  • Never go to work without a bra on. No matter if my breast are perky and do not need the support it just bad when there is nipple action going on and you have this bad feeling everyone is looking at your chest thinking Gawd damn girl put a bra on!
  • When you are asked if that is your real hair color the answer is yes. Not, I can’t remember if is or not and this all in attempt to be funny.
  • Reading romance novels before work is not a good idea, when you know the guy across from you wears a certain sent that drives you up the wall. *sighs and chews on a block of chocolate*
  • NEVER forget the drawing pad >_< DOH!
  • If you are not going to wear a bra don’t were a tight fitting bottom up shirt. *lowers her chair to hide her chest from public view*
  • Always leave a pull over at the desk for reason such as no bra day, Fucking cold to the point of painful and its for comfort wear.
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