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Ganked from flemco


1.      Don’t worry you are doing fine go clubbing after school your grades will not suffer.

2.      Drop the music major and go with art Major in college you will not regret it

3.      Yeah umm stay the fuck away from guys on the internet.

4.      Try to stay at computer job longer

5.      Convince your mom that 2 semester in Italy is cheaper than one.

6.      Move out sooner you will not regret is

7.      You know that 10K that had don’t lone it to your mother she doesn’t really need it and she wont pay you back

8.      Make sure your aunt never touches your car while you are away in Italy

9.      Convince your Grand mother not to move back to Texas.

10.  Your friends will be there no matter what



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Jun. 27th, 2005 06:51 am (UTC)
That's really cool, that one! Will have to do it. :~)

~~Kt3 the Rushed~~
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