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another update

Well I am at work right now and kind of just chilling before my shift. I realized I left my book at home but not the drawing bad. Well one out of two is not so bad I suppose. Read the SOE Forums of EQII and once again Drama flared up *rolls her eyes* completely unnecessary really but it keeps getting dredged up. I finally just turned off my star rating, so I don’t have to look at it after I saw what happen again this weekend. Clearly I have better things to with my time than review that piece of trivial nonsense.

This weekend something came up and I was informed I needed to get the Garden cleaned up again. So I went out there to work and realized I could not find my work gloves to save my life. So me being stubborn and needed to get this done I worked on the garden and tore up my hands It hurts just to wash them or to draw sometimes depending on the angle of how I hold the pencil. While at any rate I learned my lesson on that.

I got to pick redwing and took her home as quickly as I could to her hubby Trotfox..

Greg fixed fondue for us and we had fun chilling and eating last night. My mind set right now is kind of distant in thoughts and longing for more day dreams again but I don’t time for them at the moment, so much is going on and never enough privacy to just chill. But that is going to change in July ^_^ I am completely excited about that just small amount of time is all I really need to have my own thoughts my own little space to myself, no phone calls, no e-mails, just me breathing laying out in the sunlight enjoying the energy around me.