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Flushing out the discontent

I woke up earlier than I intended today. I don’t know if it was the dream I had or the restless pawing of a cat knocking things over. I just know today I just don’t feel very happy, just kind of detached at the moment or is it more like discouraged. At any rate I feel like I have not enough with anything or anyone. I just feel like a complete failure about things at the moment. I not sure why I feel like this it might the dream I had I am not sure. Sometimes I wish I could stop the words that repeat in my head sometimes that I have heard in the past but the negative things in life seem more visible than the good ones at times.

I know it will pass, I just don’t like this feeling cause it feels like someone has strapped me to a chair in a room and had everyone I have ever cared about yelling at me telling me how worthless I am. This is a feeling that makes me want to take showers repeatable times in a day hoping it will just wash away but there is always some infection growing back some little word someone[s] said that I allowed to build up and then I just want to explode.

Everyone is allowed to have flaws. Some people are allowed to turn the cheek accept the comments of those flaws others are too weak to handle them. When does it get to the point when even the strong people get rubbed raw enough to snap?
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