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I miss..



  • Barrel Racing, I knew how to ride a horse like they were my friend in a three legged race
  • Italy in the late summer to autumn months and Sitting on the Spanish steps with my friends drinking Lemon aid soda pop and eating a spinach sandwich.
  • Going to amusement park with friends that are willing to be daring and stand in the lines with you and ride the scary rides only to repeat it again
  • Going to the state fair with friends doing the ritual of Drink beer, go on ride, eat, drink beer, go another ride.. Repeat
  • Being held with a blanket around me while crying my eyes out cause I just got dumped but having the mother embrace feeling safe again.
  • A Grill cheese sandwich with fat French fries in a diner!
  • Weekly ritual of IHOP after work and making people up and leave cause they are scared of weird-ed out by what you say
  • Real table top game with dedicated friends and after words driving to some place and OH god 30 in the morning and drinking coffee.
  • The random phone calls you get from friends saying they love yah and miss yah
  • My converse shoes
  • My popples
  • My little ponys
  • Tranformers
  • She-ra toys
  • Hot wheels
  • Leggos
  • Laser tag and having your brother go crazy in the maze with his gun.

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