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Stupid little .. @!#(@!&#(!&#)@!&$&$&$!!



You know I am not a feminist so don’t even go there with me about this topic. Some men need to learn tact when it comes to hitting women, I don’t mind getting hit on cause I can handle it but I can not handle it when I am in a public place like Wal-mart hold a huge box of Tampons [Yes I know that was TMI but women do buy these things.] attempting by passed the jackass that thinks it cool to lower his shades and check me out then say something that witless and could be used while checking out the leanness of beef in a butcher shop. What made me really frustrated is he is following me to the check out and ask for me number. I look at him with a smile and tell him I do not hand out my numbers to just anyone. He said he would like to be more than someone. At this point I realize he is determined and makes the comment how I look nice and smell pretty suddenly I feel dirty cause the bastard was sniffing me, following me around then bold enough to ask for my number then I realized something and smiled with cruel nature. “How old are you?”


He adjust him self slightly standing up and says 16. “Move along Jail bail


Oh coarse Karma gives me a kick back when I get out to the parking lot and a gust of wind blows my sundress up showing everyone my pretty pink thong.


So what is next on my list of screwy things to happen.


Jul. 1st, 2005 12:49 pm (UTC)
no, that wasn't your karma, that was his just desserts! I hope he followed you out the door, too, lol! And I hope you told him he was jail bait and to hold his breath until he wasn't any longer! Remember to look for the silver linning when it starts to pour.... sometimes hard to find, but having a friend help to point it out can do wonders! Miss you& hope to see you soon!
Jul. 1st, 2005 01:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah yeah =P

*hugs* Miss yah hun ^_^