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Boring dream


 I stood on top of a ledge looking down feeling the wind around me travel by dragging winter through and pushing fall out. A bitter wind that had an endless task that was ungrateful to those that had to endure the coldness of nature’s sleep. Down below I could see someone standing there for a moment looking around with a bow in hand and arrow in the other chasing after something that was only a wisp of motion from my view point. Although I knew they were focused on their prey I did not want to distract so sat down on the cold damp earth clutching the cloth around me to keep me more watching from my view point not to distract. It seemed very enthralling to watch this person ready to take down what ever it was. But for some reason the ground started to give way and all I could do is dig my nails into the mud trying to crawl back on top, grunting in frustration how clumsy I was and why was not aware that the ground below me was not that stable. I took in a deep breath and tried to pull up muttering something under my breath thinking this was it I was going to fall and break something and just to let go.


Right when I let go think I was going to fall and I was fine with this I felt someone grab my arm and pull me back up rough and falling over on the ground and taking in a deep breath.  I looked up and saw it was Toadie looking at me with a scowl on his face I sort of gave a shy shrug.


“You really need to be careful sis.” He huffed as he stood up and brushed him self off and offering a hand to help me up. I stood up with assistance and only gave him a shy nod and looked over my shoulder seeing the person was gone and then back at my brother.


“I was being careful…” he just patted my head and walked off and I just followed behind him tucking my bruised hands under the cloak and rubbed them trying to get feeling back to the tips. Still feeling rather embarrassed over the ordeal and just kept silent while we walk. Out of no were Redwing walked up next to me and nudged me slightly wondering what was wrong. “Hey, what is wrong with Sparky?”



“I don’t feel like talking about it.” Is all I said walking with my head lowered Toadie looked over and Redwing and shrugged slightly.


“She almost fell off a cliff… “ Toadie stated as he stopped to talk to redwing that looked worried for a moment I just kept walking ahead sighing slightly annoyed with everything around me. I finally got the house in the middle of the forest and sighed slightly and looked at the stone work on the out side the vines over taking the sides. It was home but not really where my heart was at the moment. I looked solemnly over my shoulder and thought it was time to leave the nest and travel.


It seemed by early morning the next day right before the sun woke up too I was out the door with my stuff and heading down a worn out road by mid day I had made it to some travel station where I sat down on a bench for a moment resting my legs that were stiff from the walking. Right next to me was some man with a newspaper over his face snoring through the pages. I kind smirked and looked around seeing if there was anyone else around right down the path from another direction was another woman who seemed more wore out than my self walked up I stood up promptly to offer my seat for her. She nodded slowly adjusting her straw hat and looking up at me.


“Thank you miss that was very nice of you.” Is what she said and I just nodded and plop down on the ground and waiting. It was not long until a large Carriage pulled by 6 oxen came up and people started to pile on. I slipped in and looked around the carriage that could have easily fit 12 people. I saw a corner and sat there looking out the window the woman that I had offered a seat sat across from me and the other guy that was snoring staggered in and plopped down like a slob, finally getting the sent of whiskey on his breath.  I was hoping he was getting off soon and I would be left with the woman who seemed not too bad.. Well not yet at least. I was going to take a nap in the carriage leaning back and closing my eyes.


“So where are you heading little miss?” the woman started to ask me I just sat up straight and folded my hands on my lap and crossed my ankles and looked at her with a polite smile. “Oh just traveling the country side. And you Ma’am?”


The woman looked at me oddly and nodded “ You seem very young to be unescorted I hope everything is well.”  I kind felt the hair get ruffled from this but I just held my composure and nodded. “Everything is quite well, thank you for your concern.”


Light conversation continued for about an hour or so I was exhausted now from all her prattle and I was hoping this was her next stop which it turned out to be and the drunken mans stop I waved and took in a deep breath and closed my eyes drifting off.


I think I woke up only to see someone else in the carriage now and I yawned slightly and sat up straight looking around. There was only one person and he was looking out the window looking for something it seemed. I glanced at him and he was kind in huntsman clothing, Part his face was shaded from the hat he was wearing he glanced at  me briefly then looked at the window.


“I hope you didn’t miss your  stop”


He said in a casual tone almost bored. I blinked and looked out the window and leaned back relaxed. “ No it won’t be for awhile I know that. How long have you been on this carriage?”


He smirked “How long have you been asleep?” that kind of got to me and I just blinked a few times and  smirked right back “Do you have to answer back with a question?” He only snickered and leaned back looking straight at me with some knowing looking which bugged me.



“You’re the girl that was looking down at me from the cliff the other day.”

I cringed at his accurate acquisition of me. Damn me and all my luck I rather be stuck with the old lady and the smelly man. Maybe I could jump out of the carriage and walk the rest of the way.


“Hush yeah .. Umm it wasn’t like I was looking at you or anything.” I kind of looked away trying not to look embarrassed. He only seemed more amused by this pressed on while leaning in and looking at me with a smug smile.


“So are you running away because you are embarrassed you got caught gawking at me?”


I gritted my teeth and tighten my jaw I could have slapped him but what good would this do? He would have proven his point that he got to me and what is up with that SMUG SMILE ?? fucker. ..



“Yeah .. you are right I am embarrassed. After all looking at you now what could have I been thinking?” I gave him a witty grin. His smug exterior melted away and he sat back and looked out of the carriage again un amused any more. “I see you mouth is quicker than your reflexes.”


He said in a calm tone then looked back at me again. “Perhaps you should learn from your wit and you would not fall off cliffs so much.”


I lowered my head and looked at my bruised hands from the other day and let out a deep sigh. “I certainly will if I can make it through this carriage ride without having to throw myself out of to avoid your arrogance. “


He folded his arms and raised a brow at me. “ Oh so you don’t enjoy my company I see, and here I thought I was entertaining you, I should stop ehh?”


“Yes.. you bastard.. you should before I choose to just kill myself here and get the embarrassment over with”  By this time he reached for my hand and looked at it but it wasn’t forceful but carefully I was kind of astonished what was going on he looked at it and then back at me with a frown.


“ You really need to take better care of your self. And your not allowed to kill your self cause then I don’t have someone to torment.”


I snatched my hand back and frowned at him. “I feel so lo..v.. loathed..”


And that is all I can remember of my fucking dream. Pretty dull for the most part..


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