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Yeah I just got my merit review back..

So most of yah know I have picked up a lot more duties and did a lot for my team. Well I thought part of this would be for the fact I was told I needed to contribute more to the team so I did. And you know what I get for a review proficient which equates to 2.07% raise for this year. But you know I am not too pissed off about this considering I am already getting 8% differential on working nights.

But I am feel rather used at this point and I can not wait to be 5 years vested with this place so I milk it for all its worth and get my money match and profit sharing and go somewhere closer to my home.

*thinks* two more years.. Just two more years and I can do this.
I want to have a job at home.. So then I can just chill and do my art work and have porn at arms reach. thank you ..


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Jul. 7th, 2005 02:38 am (UTC)
I think I can make you feel even better about 2%.

I had not gotten a raise in 2 almost 3 years, I never get my development discussions that by company policy I should get twice a year. So last fall, I sat down and talked with my boss and after some moaning and groaning, he said he would look into it. He came back a few days later and said I would get 9% on my next months pay. He said something about it being under ten so that it wouldn't cause trouble with upper management. Well needless to say, i was not real happy. Basically I got a cost of living raise for 3 years, and didn't even get the benefit for almost 2 of the years.

I do not consider myself an average employee, and have never been treated as such when it comes to raises and such. So to get this was somewhat of a slap in the face (don't forget I took about a 30% pay cut to come here). My last raise before this was not like this and I was insulted. This was probably the beginning of my current bad feelings toward my current employer.

Fast forward a few months to last March (I love how that sounds) when we had 'co-determination negotiations', which is a fancy term for "we're laying a bunch of you off, so we pretend you have a say in it, but really we're are going to do whatever the fuck we want". They won't admit it, but office gossip is that some manager types messed stuff up, so it was time to throw some employees under the bus to gain some traction and make our profit goals. One of the things that came out of this was a flexible salary model where I loose 5% of my pay with the idea that I 'might' get it back every 3 months. Oh and there is a flexible part for our 'vacation bonus' too. So Basically, I now 'can' (translate 'will') loose 10% of my yearly pay.

Now the end question is: Why the hell am I still here?
Jul. 7th, 2005 06:26 am (UTC)
Yeah why are you? I get a raise each year and it is based of merit I have perfect stats I am average with my quaility

Assert renetion sucked ass last year but that is cause I got pissed off at my Manager.. Bleh ..
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