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Rainy Days are nice days

So for a real up date:


Today is my last day before Stephers Vacation for her self weekend ^_^ I am soo happy about it I could just go home down and do my PJ dance on the couch and watch anime! I wonder if the weather will be the same and all damp and sleepy. That would kind of be nice cause then I could feel relaxed and snuggly with the kitten.


Current events

Britain launches search for bombers


Some how this seems like this was over due to happen. Cause and effect.. I personally feel a deep pending doom will come later down the line, many more assaults many more escalations in security and pointing fingers. But notable no one really reach to the core of the issue that maybe the root of it. But does any one really know? We have our theories and assumptions that connect with many other things in the truth aren’t human bent on destruction of their own kind?


I hope in the future that are less casualties and prevention to protect those that do not want to be pulled in to the worlds drama between children who rather crash buildings than be inspired to create wonderful things. I just say we have all the stupid people kill each other in  arena to the death for entertainment I think that would cut down on crime and war.


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Jul. 7th, 2005 01:42 pm (UTC)
hey now have fun, and take care on Stephers vacation...I am going to try and take a mini-mini one myself...
Jul. 7th, 2005 02:06 pm (UTC)
Oh I plan on it ^_^ heheh
Jul. 7th, 2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
"I am soo happy about it I could just go home down and do my PJ dance on the couch and watch anime!"

Got the next disc of Scrapped Princess. The more I see the more I like. Might be something you wanna check out if you haven't already. Have fun on your vacation!
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