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Now where so I start?

I am kind in a cranky mood just cause of a few stupid things I am sure it will get better when this day is over. I feel kind of drained and I am not sure if it’s cause of lack of sleep or allergies it’s kind of hard to say at this moment.

My right contact keeps trying to pop out on me so I finally had to take it and fix it and put it back on. I seriously hate my eyes. Any ways I was hoping to go to the lake this weekend but I think that is going to have to be scrapped at this time I have too much I need to do at home.

And I have been slacking when I shouldn’t be. So this weekend less sleep more house work and then I can have some me time with my games, drawing and reading.

I felt depression creep on me and looked at the calendar and realized I need to start talking more herbal goodness. I am starting to feel a little better but really sluggish. I am kind sad about things I have heard around me that I have no control over but in the same respect I am here to listen nothing more.

Positive note I had a really nice dream *grins* Buut I am not sharing ^_^
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