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*drives rusty nails into her trunk*

Thank you for the Thunderstorms wonderful nature! Go to hell the Biological engineers that could not design a better way for the woman to expel an unused egg without pain.

So yeah I slept great had some wonderful dreams, got up to have Greg making me breakfast, yes he had not gone to bed and felt like making waffles with bacon and then hot tea. I was wondering what I did to earn this but hell it was really sweet of him to consider me in the morning like that. Then the cramps began and I just sighed pumping myself full of drugs. So now I feel lucid and wanting to be a warm bed with the covers over my head.

Sadly I found out I will need to do more Over time in the few weeks to make up the amount I have to take out of saving to keep up with a High Electric/Gas bill *looks at again and sighs putting it in the mail box*

But the good news there is over time to take and I am not going to pull the old 60 hours in a week BS I am just going to spread it out. If I get the bonus for this Quarter I will be above anticipated fund goals in savings.

I have part of my Halloween costume complete ^_^ Now I just need to go to the craft store and get some beads and wires and hair clips. And I need some buckles for my boots, which shouldn’t be too hard.

*sinks under desk* This is such bullshit twice in month .. Damn it all..
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