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hightlighted thoughts of the day

  • Got more rest last night getting more to night as well. 
  • Had a very serious conversation with Greg over a few things, nothing bad with us actually very nice for us.
  • Woke up feeling slightly better still stuffed up and sniffles, I was fixing soup and went off to draw, then realized I left the soup on and I managed to burn the soup. So lesson of the day never leave the soup while drawing and well medicated.
  • Need to talk to a few people over some details and hope for the best.
  • Also praying this day goes by fast so I can go home and sleep more.
  • Found there was a pot luck and Friday so I am bring Pizza Dip of doom  I wonder how long that last….
  • Need to invest in a box of tissues  for my desk
  • Not to self never blow nose to hard or nose bleed.. *sighs*
  • Sent in my car and security payments. Yippy… fuck..
  • Need to get the car’s oil changed and other fluids checked out as well as getting it state inspection done. I think I will try to do that this weekend.



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Aug. 17th, 2005 08:14 pm (UTC)
Sometimes gently blowing one nostril at a time can prevent bloody snot ;)
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