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Aug's Monthly Topic

Phoenix’s Monthly topic


Yeah sorry this is so late but I thought this was interesting topic and wanted to get people’s views on the situation.


Melting Arctic a growing threat




1)       Does this bother you about the future of your children or your future?

        1a) How does this bother?


2)       Are you taking measures to reduce the chances?

2a) If Yes, what are you doing to help?

2b) If no, why not?


3)       Do you plan to continue the fight against pollution?


Aug. 25th, 2005 10:04 am (UTC)
ok, well, one, yes, it bugs me; on the other hand, there just isn't enough moisture there to successfully swamp me or my house, so I guess my property values will SKYROCKET.
What am I doing to personally reduce the probability? Well, the same thing I do every day, Binky ... Try to take over the world. Ok. I take that back; I always attempt to minimize my own ecological footprint, using whatever methods I know best. What else can I do? Vote my ecological consience. Write letters when and where applicable. Pray a lot.
Stopping now seems kind of pointless. I have a KID, for crying out loud - ONE, I might point out - thus helping with overpopulation issues (on the other hand, I live in a fairly catholic town - I would have to go around SHOOTING kids to actually do much good. Or, rather, shooting parents as soon as they have kid number two.
I would like my ONE kid to have the opportunity to live as freely as possible, eventually to feel comfortable in having her own kid. I will point out that mine is, technically, the second generation to practice zero population growth technique - my parents have one child who reproduced once, as do my in-laws.