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Aug's Monthly Topic

Phoenix’s Monthly topic


Yeah sorry this is so late but I thought this was interesting topic and wanted to get people’s views on the situation.


Melting Arctic a growing threat




1)       Does this bother you about the future of your children or your future?

        1a) How does this bother?


2)       Are you taking measures to reduce the chances?

2a) If Yes, what are you doing to help?

2b) If no, why not?


3)       Do you plan to continue the fight against pollution?


Aug. 25th, 2005 03:31 pm (UTC)
1 - Does it concern me?

Do I worry about my children's future?
That would be selfish, I am more concerned about them, and everyone else living in a world where there is so little concern about such things, and the power$ that be have so much control over reality.

2 - What do I do about it?
I recycle. I respect the earth, nature and life for the blessings I have. I also drive a prius, and have greem mountain as my energy provider.

I also encourage others to do the same, and not to waste.

3 - More and less. More of what I am doing, less of what I waste.