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Aug's Monthly Topic

Phoenix’s Monthly topic


Yeah sorry this is so late but I thought this was interesting topic and wanted to get people’s views on the situation.


Melting Arctic a growing threat




1)       Does this bother you about the future of your children or your future?

        1a) How does this bother?


2)       Are you taking measures to reduce the chances?

2a) If Yes, what are you doing to help?

2b) If no, why not?


3)       Do you plan to continue the fight against pollution?


Aug. 25th, 2005 03:51 pm (UTC)
good discussion
Unfortunately, we're not doing much right now, but we want to do more.

Our house came with a really neat septic system. Basically all of our wastewater (dishwater, sinks/tubs/showers, washer, toilets) goes into our septic tank, is filtered numerous times, and the remaining water (called "grey water"), collects and is pushed through four sprinklers that automatically spray the lawn after a certain water level is reached. So we really recycle water.

We still have to water parts of the lawn that the front sprayers don't reach, and any special plants (like our new trees or any "food" plants like herbs and our veggie garden). But watering your lawn is the biggest part, and it is nice to know that we are recyling water.

After seeing our huge electric bill last night, Heath mentioned getting solar panels, but I'm not sure how soon we could do that. We'd probably only be allowed to put them on the half of the roof that faces the back yard, due to neighborhood regulations.

Another thing we are doing, is the rooms that we don't use that often right now (i.e. the spare bedroom and the sewing room), we have closed the vents, and keep the doors closed. No sense air conditioning rooms we aren't regularly using.

Someday soon I'd like to see recycling for our neighborhood (my parents have it in Carrollton). We don't really have a regular need for it right now. We rarely get newspapers at home, and with the exception of a party, we don't drink soda, beer, etc - anything that generates aluminum cans. We have occasional glass (like a spagetti sauce jar), but I sometimes reuse those (especially spice jars).

When I buy fabric softner, I try to get the cardboard carton refills every time.

And someday we might have a compost pile in our backyard for scraps.

We still need to finish insulating the attic so that we can use less energy to cool the house. I've planted a magnolia tree in the front yard which will eventually shade the whole front of the house, but that will take at least another five years, unfortuantely.

I am very worried about the future of our environment, lack of clean water for everyone, etc. etc. I know we're only doing a little to help, but I hope eventually we can do a lot more.
Aug. 25th, 2005 03:53 pm (UTC)
Re: good discussion
oh, and our neighborhood is still regulated, but when it isn't, we'll switch to green mountain or some other "Green" energy source.

The next car I buy (Which won't be until this one dies, so about four or five years) will be a hybrid of some kind. Heck, who knows what will be on the market by then.