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October’s discussion


Sorry this has taken this long for a response on this subject.


“30% of Women Killed Are Murdered By Their Boyfriends or Husbands”


More response to this

I guess most of you know that most violence goes unreported so most likely these numbers can not be based on a true factual number but based on those that had reported the crime or someone did. Through out history however women have been killed or abused a lot and it was kind of a common thing. But then again it was 1848 that turn the events arounf for woman and rights. But needless to say becoming indepentant does not make you less of a victium in the violence.


As White Tiger states about passion crimes that is something that rather interesting on a twisted bases on human mind. And I have to admit women are just as guility in some recorded crimes as men are.


But my view on this statement, I personally feel this 30% roots also from a abusive background of the woman. Most likely a male figure father/brother/uncle having an influence of domance in the home in a treating manner and with this element the female becomes envoirmentlty accepting to these conditions. Now mind you I am not justifying the right of abuse just that it is normally rooted as a cycle early on.


Sadly in my honest view I think it’s a lot higher than this % but it’s kind of like date rape or other violences. People are too ashamed by the standards of so called ehtical or moral views of a narrow minded socity to say anything without feeling like they did something wrong themselves. Pressures on descrestion has gone to exterms in American socity as being taboo and with that we lose ground on advancing on the boundries to see past gender/race/sexuality.

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