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Nov. 16th, 2005

I feel COMPLETELY discourage about my skills. V_V I am just not getting up to the goals I want to I think I need to break down and buy more art supplies to do new styles and see if I can advance that way.


This is what I am working atm .. Crappy work I know..




Nov. 17th, 2005 04:06 pm (UTC)

Okay, I thought of an idea, kind of a Duskrunner one, but Trot thought you'd be interested, and we could see what you thought, if you wanted to draw it, and we could scan images and do kind of a still-frame music-accompanied fake movie trailer.

And hmmmmmmmmmm.......... supplies, huh? Perhaps you should ask Santa!
Nov. 17th, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC)
Okays You have my interest I want more information