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Advice finally needed: READ beforing giving it please

I am pretty much in a distracted mood now

I found out something before the weekend started and now well I am hoping my mom can handle this situation since this affect a lot of people. I would like everyone to know what is happening and how I feel about this and if you can spread the word around the better.

My Family [Mom, Grandpa and Aunt] live in Ashcreek Mobil Home Park in East Dallas. This place has been here since 1949 and granted it is not the grandest place on the face of the planet it is home to so many people. That are making a living trying to keep a roof over their families head or they are lone and this community is where they want to live.

As some of you know it quite literally on the other side of the tracks from a gated community that was built there that has over 200K $ homes. These people in this community have made it their crusade to remove the “Undesirables” that they can see from across the rail road tracks. So about 2 years ago they rezoned the area and didn’t tell anyone or the owners what they did and now people are in threat to lose their homes. During the worse time possible as well, I don’t know all the details as of yet but there is a court hearing on Dec 14th to fight this and insure these people have homes still. If they lose they will have to find homes which most of them will have issues in finding homes or it will be very difficult for them.

The people of this community have supposedly done back grounds checks on these people and say all of them are criminals or trash that needs to be removed. Which personally I find rather insulting and invasion of privacy, so what if they might have been in the past [I have no idea if they are any to be honest] but if they are it’s people like that that pressure people never to improve themselves and lose hope in society. I mean how can you rehabilitate someone if you keep stereo typing them and remove them from your sight. And what kills me the most about this if they do win what about the people in the apartments that are only a mile away? The same thing in the future for them? Then what? More people having to scurry and become a slave to the trends of snobbish narrow minded people? And the interesting part is some of these people do not live in the vicinity of this place. Mom is now the President of the Home owner Group of Ash creek and will be getting information together and putting on a website. She will also gather information from everyone in the community to help fight back.

I just hope I can help her with information and advice that I can gather for her. We are also going with a back up plan and house shopping as well.

I have been rather zoned and focused on the subject. I have been short with people and rather sensitive over things and I very sorry about it. But right now is not a joking matter for me I have to see this through with much seriousness and focus. This is the Time I am going to ask for help but on house hunting but on this situation.
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