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Yeah that is the topic of today! I am so sick of people being condescending to others cause they are so proud of their skills that they never give another person a chance to prove maybe in fact they are better than they are or on a equal level. At this point I don’t care if you are a family member, friend or a friggan God. You limit someone else and stomp all of them, I am going to Bitch slap you with reality.

Seriously hate it.

I mean right now I am seriously going to put a few people in their place if they do it again. I am just so sick of the arrogance getting out of control to the point where someone else feels belittle.
Gods I can not believe I am this pissed off about it right now but I am. And I think I am going to even watch I say around people as well.

Right now I feel I have to prove a lot of people wrong. and it’s in my blood now like a venom. That desire to put them in their place.