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So here I am still at work console our lovely crew of people that handle out schedules and make judgment calls for us on when we can leave.. HAS not done anything in the least about the current situations.. I am kind of pissed off so I asked my boss he said lets wait at 8 PM and see. I told him if the roads get worse it will take me 7 hours either way.. The the crappy part is that are not putting us up in a hotel but they for a small group of the retail and a few CSS reps but nothing for us Night owls.. WTF!


I am almost ready to tell my boss where he can stick this job and his contrived bullshit. I live far there any anyone on my team. Most of the around our building are now blocked off and I honestly have no way of knowing where I can go to get on the main roads. Just another reason why I don’t feel like I am apart of the team here at this company.


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