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What is Love? to You?

That was asked on a forum I was on today .. I thought it was an interesting topic.

I was curious what you guys had to say on it.

this is what I posted..

Love is..

More than an emotion, is it essential part of us as begins to connect. It does not require for anyone to be a certain color, a certain size, to be perfect in health, nor young in age. It does not request you believe in religion or the other has to believe yours to love you.

Love can be mystical and yet so mathematical that it is part of a pure language. Just like glass so fragile it can shatter and skater the fragments beyond a point of making it complete again. However if great pressure and determination and can be reformed into something wonderful again other times and can be reformed with imperfect particles that make flawed but so unique to look at. Love is never alone for there is always influences that make love more intense and yet so calming. It can be the influence of bringing life in the world and yet it could just take it away. Love is everyone and yet no one, as faceless as a dreams but so impressionable as a lesson learned. That is Love for me.
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