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So I have been doing homework on politics and doing more research the current events around me. Listening to both sides and in the middle

The one thing I heard that made me feel good was my thoughts exactly.

People who choose to be extreme fanatics of either right wing or left wing choose to hate anyone else that is not with them and that is the dark side. I will not associate myself with people like that. I like people and their opinions not people that oppress others with their views and force their points. That will not Say NO YOU ARE WRONG but say I disagree and this is my intelligent rebuttal to this reasoning.

I realize more than ever we are still a juvenile nation than a mature one. And it’s not only a reflection of our leader but the people with in the nation.

“It’s not our fault. It’s theirs.”

This attitude will not get us far. Just accept the responsibility even if it is not your fault and fix the matter. Saying it’s their fault and if I was in charge or if we voted for so and so it would make this country better. Well guess what? FUCK a bunch of that shyte. If we were in a land of what ifs then nothing would be built and progress would no longer happen.

Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi did not blame others but took action in reasonable and mature ways where no one got hurt and showed new changes without violence and radical advance. I tired of media giving one sided view and not both sides. I am tired of not hearing the other side and seeing people pick up a banner not realizing what they hell they are doing. When can we really stop for a moment and think and not get so bloody offended and fix the issue.


Feb. 10th, 2006 10:59 pm (UTC)
Hear hear!
I'm all for this.

The only problem is, unless more than 50% of the entire country is also all for it, nothing will change. In fact, even sometimes when more than 50% of the entire country is for something, it still doesn't happen. Because we aren't all of equal value. THAT should change to. But until more people agree with us on that, my letters to my senator and congressman will still come back to me opened and stamped "return to sender."

:P Jerks.