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Well I had a interesting Weekend to say the least Sat I started my work out and then found myself starting my period sooner than anticipated which I am fine with cause it was causing me to bloat more and looks bigger than what I am and kind of hard to measure when I am like this. After that got on and played a little EQII and found Greg caught up in a whirled wind of work and he missed out his Friends wedding cause of it. =/

Sunday Mom, redwing and myself went to the Wedding Expo in the Plano convention center. I was very lucky to have redwing and mom there cause I had lost my head most of it cause over whelmed I was during the thing. I got a lot of good information and mom bought me a garter to match my Dress and a Tiara =D. Got home and started to comply the folders with information and then watched a demo of a video shots for a wedding then finding out it’s 3 installments of this much *THUD* yeah the guy ad Eagle productions was better. Then after that we watched Crash and I enjoyed it. Granted it was very extreme in view but sadly most it could and most likely had happened in real life to other people.

Well after words Greg and I talked a little more on locations and even though he is trying to fair I still think he is leaning towards the Weston more than the other placed but I can’t blame him cause of their service and catering is unbelievable. But I hope gives the other places a chance. But I am hoping maybe in a couple of weeks we will look at those places.

I went to bed after words and got up later this morning and worked out some more. Woke up from a odd dream that I was at SAPA playing with the other people there and stuff. I have over time Monday through Wed 12:30 – 11PM not bad stuff I still get sleep and work out I need each day, Granted I get to work today and see my inbox with one customer calling me asking for me to call back and it kind of makes me mad cause this person needs to call their client manager not me but we will see what the heck is going on with this situation.

Now for some new goals I need to save up money for makeup artist/ Hairstylist for the pictures, wedding and so on. This should be a challenge for them heh.
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