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Wedding Favors information so far I have

With a little brainstorming from people you would be amazed at what you get.


Once we find the location and are set on it I am going to working what kind of stuff we can do for two kinds of favors.


·        If we go with the Tribune they offer us Sparklers for outside! *SQUEE* [but then again Greg is scared out of his mind about that option. But it’s sparkelies!!!!]

·        Another option bubbles I just want the ones Amber had cause those were cool!

·        Rose petals [Le sigh soooo romantic.. Okay guys stop gaging.]

·        No rice PERIOD!

·        Bird seed maaaaaaybe if they allow it.



But the other one I am pretty sure we are set on is bath salts.

We can get 5 – 20 lbs of salts here customer colors and smells.

We can get one of the following Jars here and here or customer colored with text on them test tubes here.


It’s rather cool seeing things starting to form up a possible solution.


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Mar. 13th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
Uh... Sparky... Firey... Flamegirl... what other nicknames have you had along the same theme?

I think it would be laughable (said in an Eddie Izzard fashion) if you didn't do sparklers. ;)

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