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Well I know what I am watching on Sunday

DSC — Perfect Disaster
Super Tornado

At two miles wide with speeds of over 350 miles an hour a mega tornado would reduce downtown Dallas to a war zone within minutes. Scientists know it could happen - we show you how.

Yeah I have to see this.. Mawhahaha


Mar. 23rd, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)
oooh, ok. See, I should have watched the show, then ;)

I didn't realize it was about a class five. It would pretty much level the city then, eh?

For the one that came in the '50's, my mom's sister was in an area whre the tornado played hopscotch around the neighborhood - hitting one house across the street, and the one next door to the one that she was hiding in when it hit.

Scary stuff. I have nightmares about tornadoes.