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So many things going and like water always changing form, based on the current and elements around it such is it the flow of life I suppose.


People of Arts Magnet..



We apologize for this information getting to you so late. We, along with the faculty and students, just received this information today.



Demolition viewing has been set for Thursday, April 6, at 4:30 p.m.
This is just an informal gathering for the Booker T. Washington
"family".  Please join us in the faculty parking lot (corner of Flora
and Routh) to watch the demolition of Leach Auditorium while
celebrating the grand legacy of the school.  Please help us spread the word.

Side note: they've relocated to another facility - and are rebuilding a multi million dollar facility - very generous donor...




Some how this makes me feel older and so out of touch with things..