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I haven’t has much time to post any dreams as of late cause of how busy we have been at work and I feel this was less important than other post.

Had a Dream that started off with going into to an old house and finding a dead body that was already decaying. The place was moist and there was floor board ripped up and junk every where it was very graphic and I could feel my self already trying to wake up from it.

Then it switched and I was on a rocky shell crusted shore line, well really in some cold ass water that was up to my knees and me carrying stuff from a 4 mast ship. And we go into a clay house with other people. Its winter time and everyone celebrating different holidays at once and trading gifts. I remember my grandmother was there and was talking to me and wanted me to take care of some stuff. By the time everything was over and people were leaving on their ships I noticed in the distance a ship speeding fast and getting jerked around before being pulled under. Then seeing a very large sea dragon or serpent coiling around getting ready to pull another ship down and all I could hear was my mother yelling at me after I let grandmother off and helped her with the items. And see the ship pull under and everyone that was on it gone. I felt so empty and everything when silent for a while. After that I could hear in the far distance a wail from some kind of animal which I assumed was the monster that had attacked the ships.