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So earlier tonight my system crashed and I am now unable to access the tools that help me with my job. =/ kind of sucks arse but what can I do?
I am sitting here trying to think of things to do. I have gotten the Baby shower stuff set up as far as invites go. I got some of the supplies needed for the baby shower I just need get some other things for the games and make a menu of food. =/ yay .. …

I am feeling a lot better now so I should be able to restart some of my commission and get those taken care of. Found out Greg will not be available for Easter dinner cause of his family coming into town so it looks like it just me that will go over next door. 0.o;

I feel so out of place lately even on line on the game I feel kind of out of place and I realize more than ever it’s cause I depend to much on others depending on me. Kind of an odd feeling but it is nice to feel needed. And no I don’t feel worthless just kind of feel like I am not helping anyone as though it is my fault. I am sure it will pass like most things do. But I need to be careful and not get tangled into more things like I do when I get this way.
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