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You know, I said I would not make any political comments but after reviewing for a long time all the practical and factual information provided by snow_lynx, flemco, and trotfox I have lost all faith in Bush Jr. and the Bush clan and the administration.

Not only that but I have lost faith in many people that consider them selves Americans. I think they should be call xenophobe or separatist just based on the fact I hear people say build a wall shot them. Great people since when did we become China on boarder control, I don’t agree with people coming into this country illegally, but I do not believe we should also start hating every person that has a foreign background. America is made up of immigrants that are seeking the same life that most people in this country want. A better life for them and their family.

I am tried of people saying well the left said are evil, or the Right side is evil, No no you are all evil and so on. WTF people seriously since when did we give the politician so much power that we are now fearful of our lives, not from a foreign force but from our own government cause of the lack ears, eyes or balls to listen to the majority and come up something rational. Oh wait that would be fairy tale, riiiight.


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May. 2nd, 2006 05:47 pm (UTC)
Right there with ya.
Another point has been added to the list of impeachment points - the weapons used in "shock and awe" released particles into the atmosphere that made much of Great Britain ill and take shelter for weeks. That's a weapon of mass destruction.

And I just nearly had to call you to keep from throttling Lou Dobbs last night, LOL, but it was 3:00am and I wasn't sure you'd be awake.

Someone who sneaks across the border with an ass full of drugs and proceeds to rob jewelry stores is a felon.

Someone who sneaks across the border and gets a job, but doesn't register to pay their taxes (you can do that before you reach legal status, and MANY do) is guilty of tax evasion, but is NOT a felon. (It's a third degree misdemeanour.)

Someone who sneaks across the border, gets a job, remits tax money, and supports their family and works hard - IS BETTER THAN A BUNCH OF PEOPLE BORN HERE.

So why did they sneak across, do we think? Likely because it'd've taken them 10 years to try to do it legally. In ten years, their ailing family member may have died, they may have starved, their children may have died, etc.

So what should we do? I think we should grant amnesty to those who are doing nothing wrong, apply debt to those who've evaded taxes, and deport those who've been felons, and put the illegals in line (behind the legals) to achieve citizen status.

May. 2nd, 2006 06:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Right there with ya.
Oh, and 9 states are suing the Bush administration for taking so long to get around to tighter fuel economy regulations (Scott McClellan quoting the Pres as saying just two years ago that excess is 'just the American way' :P )

I'm starting to think maybe these ARE the end times...

Eek... I feel all... BAPTIST and shit. ;D
May. 2nd, 2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Right there with ya.
LMAO Yeah I went to bed about 2 AM but I wouldn't have mind. I am so sick of this . I even talked to mom and I know I am on a differnt wave length on a few things. but oh well
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