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Yes you have Freedom of speech and you can vocalize your “Emotional”, “Political” or “Religious”. However you do understand you have a responsibility with the words you state or express either verbally or through other means to demostrate a point.


Now that I put that point If you are so sick of the “Illegal” Aliens. Please do your homework before spouting off passionately and emoitionally, I say this cause I have done the same thing and was proven wrong and here are some of my bullet points on this subject


  • Did you know that there has been illegal immigrants in history and recorded that have fought in the USA military. [It has been proven]
  • Did you know these places of employment that these “Illegal” Aliens work for are USA Companies that are getting away with “Illegal” Conducts of employment; exploiting these people for cheap labor that is way below the wages they should be paid. And when the INS show up they are deported and granted the company suffers short term with low staffing for their production needs [which I have no sympathy for].They will just hire more “Illegal” aliens because they are still cheaper and are willing to do the job. And how can they steal a job that No one wanted in the first place? Riiiight.
  • If we convicted everyone “Illegal” Realistically WE do not have the staffing NOR the money to handle 11+ Million “
    Illegal Immigrants.
  • Yes Bush is not the first President to face this issue however HE IS THE CURRENT President and can help resolve this issue a little better instead locking out people from meetings and trying to please other people cause his popularity is at a all time low. [yes I am about to admit who I voted for to make my point] I even voted for Bush in hope he would clean his shit up and represent “US” in a better light. Why in hell do I want a jabbering, ungrammatical, spineless, greedy, liar, human puppet of a president representing my nation? Umm no thank you.


MY POINT was I do not think by closing our selves off to everyone else or shooting someone makes us a better nation. I think there are better ways of handling this then pointing the blame on the other side. JUST SHUT AND LISTEN and you will be amazed how your view will change. 

[side note: I am leaving my open cause I know people can't pull me over and talk to me cause well I am rather unattainable]

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