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Now for new information on things that is widen the wing span for The Phoenix.

I got one book I am starting to work on called “The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in the History” By Michael Baigent. I like reading things like this because it kind of puts a new point view on things. After all there are more sides to a story than just one point of view and when not expose your self to it and develop your own opinion on it.

The other book I am going to get is called American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation by Jon Meacham. After watching the interview with him and Colbert last night I was impressed and amused to read this book.

Now on to other things, last night I called redwing and we were talking and decided to watch TV together with Oberon Magus. A lot of interesting topics came up and we started to debate a lot of things. Now today I have been thinking after I get married and find a new job is I should see about buying a motor scooter for local in town driving and use the car long commuting so I can cut down on the usage of gas and miles. Maybe in this effort I can also attempt to help the pollution issues in the USA. *shrugs* need to do more home work on it.
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