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Commission request

Well since I am having some money issues atm thanks to my lovely job F-ing up my last week check and still not having it and finding out I have overdraft fees.


I am open for commissions.


Here are some stipulations on the request.


Digital Line art

  • One person full body with no background 5$
  • Additional $1 for each person
  • Only up to 3 people Limit
  • Head shots 2$


Digital Colored art

  • One person with no background  10$
  • Additional $2 for each person
  • Only up to 3 people Limit
  • Head shots 4$




For forum/message board banners

  • 1$ each



3D art


  • Full body 15$
  • Head shot 5$
  • For each person additional 3$


Personal request that is not on here


I am willing to negotiate prices on person request.



How to request commissions.

1.      Post here or send me an e-mail titled Commission request.

2.      Please be very detailed on what you want exactly

3.      Screen shots or point of reference is always welcome.

4.      I will send you a reply back to let you know if I am taking on your commission.

5.      do not send payment until I send you an e mail stating that I have taken your commission.

6.      Paypal:

all comments will be screened for your protection.

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