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Updated Crap-o-la

My 4th start on the 3rd and it was nice. I got to spend time with my soul fire [Yeah Bite me! If you don’t like the name]

I got to spend time with him and it felt good. Then in the morning I slept in and then went over to my place to pack a lot of crap wash dishes [which most were dirtied up the next day again by THAT BASTAGE!] Any ways got a lot more done will be doing more this weekend.

After a packed a bit called Goth boy back and asked if would like me to come over again for a bit with some lunch. He liked that idea and I came back over with food. Hung out a bit more watch Casper and Back to the future 2 which I had never seen. Went back over to my place and packed some more washed some clothing. [I have too much].

Then Goth boy called up and asked if I like to come by tonight and have Dead cow and beer. I thought that was great way to salute the 4th! So I did and got to see some mutual friends. Everyone else was busy doing something, but it’s okay.

I would have to say I had a good 4th I am a lot more laid back again. Called the place we are applying for and stated we would hear the news today. I just we are approved.
I would really hate to have to waste my weekend and scrambling to find a place.

But some how I feel fine, no worries no stress just alright..

Heh.. We shall see how long this last.

Just a side note about July 4th and what it means to me.

Many brave people had a shared dream to have a nation that was free to make their own choices and build a strong nation for the people. Although “ we” As the people of this country have done wrong in a lot of things, and are consider arrogant and brash with our views. If we just allowed our selves to be more involved with the future of the country and voice it our more what we feel. Instead of turning our backs and whispering what could be done, what might help this nation. We could maybe push it to the right direction it needs to be in.


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Jul. 5th, 2002 10:31 am (UTC)
Evil Grin
You wrote:
"I got to spend time with my soul fire [Yeah Bite me! If you don’t like the name]"

(Bites Phoenix Goddess)

Seriously, I'm glad you had fun!!!

As always, I wish you the best with the apartment situation, love! Sending positive vibes your way. :~)

~~KT the Sarky~~
Jul. 5th, 2002 10:36 am (UTC)
Re: Evil Grin
:: pounces him and give shima noogie::

Thankies! =D
Ooo You gave me a love bote.. What wil lGoth boy say?? :: Gasp::
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