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Weekend of the move

Friday Night
went over to The new apartment and made it our own. Which was nice has sushi and stuff. Had to choose who got what as far as rooms go. And Kry got themaster bed room and I got the smaller room. Still like the place.


Mom, Redwing and Trot fox went to breakfest. Which was nice and calming. Found out that two of the people that trucks backed out .. bleh..

Then we came back saw Heim and DMO there ready to help. Then it started to rain and more people showed up. Went to Wal-mart [ I hate shopping ] more of my friends showed up and we started to get things moved. Redwing and Trot got a truck for me at U-haul .. I was ready to cry cause that was nicest thing they could have done for me. Now to only repay them for thier donation.

Former room mate Never picked up his couch and love seat cause when I got back It was still there at 9 PM .. I am a little pissed at the situation.
Any ways moving right along.

Didnt get to sleep until late about 3 AM. I woke up on sunday to get most of things out of Krys way.

Things are starting to come together. Just mom was grumpy and was snapping at everyone. And at one point he snapped at me and I almost started to cry.

But any ways.. Need to talk to Krys about a few details.. like the Cover parking and stuff.. find out from the office about the Laundry service thingie.. and food.. Bleh..


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Jul. 16th, 2002 09:52 am (UTC)
You are hereby officially BANNED from repayment of given gifts and are henceforth required to accept them as an act of brother/sisterly love. Any further kind acts on your part toward the aforementioned supplying party will cause further repayments as for non-repayment acts.
Jul. 16th, 2002 10:10 am (UTC)
::blinks:: But.. :: le sigh:: Grrrr.. I will get you guys back I swear it!! LOL

:: huggles::
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