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I am enrolled for the Fall


Okay I have won against the college's new website and enrolled into my fall class..

- Digital Imaging [Photoshope]
- Computer Illustration I [Illustrator]
- Ceramics I [ WTF???!!!]
- Basic Animation [Flash]

yeah I am kind of miffed but I understand why I couldnt get into any other Maya classes. Apparently cause I am taking Maya now I have to pass it and prove I took the class. Which means I cant take the other class until then. I can pray that it will be open after I get my grade in the class. However I am not holding my breath and sit by and wait. I enrolled into ceramics, because I thought it would be cool to try my hand in it.

Oh! Yes you will noticed I am not taking general study classes this time. Well Apparently after the spring semester I just need one more and I am waiting until spring to deal with it. *drum roll* MATH! *cries* Goddess help find wisdom and patients with this one.

In the mean time I am working on animation for the following:

-Jumping vertically
-Broad Jump
-Pitching a baseball

completed are the following:
-walk cycle
-90 degree head turn [yay.....]
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