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Back from 1st part of vacation

 So I stayed in MS with Greg's side of the family for X-mas and had some fun and what not. Granted on the way back I dubbed my self Saint of Broken Arrows and Ash while dealing with a gas station that was one of those modern gothic American rundown placed where you have to go in to pay and the roads have more craters than pavement. Then the poor poor suicidal plastic that went under my car but not damage....

I am all fuck tired at moment from recovering from illness, road trip and bleeding for a week. 

I did in fact get a lot of clay tools for X-mas, art books and japanese cook book. I have to go and pick up some books on CD, Ski clothing at Dicks, See if I need to take the car in for service and see Mom to give her gifts.  Needless to say I am kind of in a pissy mood about having to run around in a time crunch to get this all done and then get ready for our next trip. 

Oh well it's worth it.  I just have to be ready for school on Jan 20th.

Oh yeah .. made all A's this last Semester....

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