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Things are well diffcult at best.

Warning bitch mode on:


I am overwhelmed at school and other things in my life. Perhaps I have come off rather short with people or a bit rude to others. I apologize if anyone feels that way, however I would greatly appreciate people not pushing the point with me and continue to ask me what is wrong then following up with Greg asking about me. 1) If I feel you need to know I will tell you, don't go behind my back being nosy. 2) Please do no push the point with me when I say no, I don't feel like it or GFO. 3) If you can't follow 1 or 2 and know you can't I respectfully ask you leave me a lone PERIOD.

It's just fucking annoying having to deal with petty issues like these on a daily bases. I have more pressing issues to deal with at the moment. I personally would like to thank Redwing for being very cool about everything and Greyboy for taking my mind off things.



This weekend:


People that are apart of the guild or will be apart of the horde guild “Dark Phoenix” There is a gather at my house this Saturday about 7 ish. If you want to come let me know through e-mail or call me.





I will be working mostly on my projects and having some time to myself. So I will not be at James and Mel's tonight.


General update


I am okay just a little drained and moody. I miss everyone and hope that everyone is fine.

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