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Things are well diffcult at best.

Warning bitch mode on:


I am overwhelmed at school and other things in my life. Perhaps I have come off rather short with people or a bit rude to others. I apologize if anyone feels that way, however I would greatly appreciate people not pushing the point with me and continue to ask me what is wrong then following up with Greg asking about me. 1) If I feel you need to know I will tell you, don't go behind my back being nosy. 2) Please do no push the point with me when I say no, I don't feel like it or GFO. 3) If you can't follow 1 or 2 and know you can't I respectfully ask you leave me a lone PERIOD.

It's just fucking annoying having to deal with petty issues like these on a daily bases. I have more pressing issues to deal with at the moment. I personally would like to thank Redwing for being very cool about everything and Greyboy for taking my mind off things.



This weekend:


People that are apart of the guild or will be apart of the horde guild “Dark Phoenix” There is a gather at my house this Saturday about 7 ish. If you want to come let me know through e-mail or call me.





I will be working mostly on my projects and having some time to myself. So I will not be at James and Mel's tonight.


General update


I am okay just a little drained and moody. I miss everyone and hope that everyone is fine.


Feb. 20th, 2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
I've known enough gals in my day to know when to sit back and let them vent for a bit. The only thing you get for being nosy is getting said nose bitten off. Take your time and try to relax and it'll get better in time. If all else fails, just remember, Goose Fraba.