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This weekend..

You know after all is said and done with, I am very lucky to have the friends and family I have. I got a lot of calls of concern over the whole car issues. Tomorrow I am having Service king pick up my car and get this situation cleared up.

Might talk to my Great Aunt about this and see if maybe I can get my old car traded out and have a down payment on a new “ Used” car. I don’t know yet.

But seriously, right now I just don’t care about the car. What I care about is what is going on with my friends and family, Krys was down yesterday and just dreading the whole situation with Lion and House cat. , I mean I am not taking sides on this matter. But I am going to be there to give huggles and remind them both that there is a silver lining on clouds. Realistically, I feel this has got to be dumbest thing to tear friends apart, And I feel I am speaking from experience with Kate. I mean, why sacrifice something more valuable than money? I know I have said this before and Vail has shared this experience as well. I don’t like to be the slave of money. It just causes stress and illness of discontent, and frustration. Friendships are valuable and sometimes finding “ Real” Friends are difficult journeys in life.

I know Krys and myself have been tested on our bonds of friendship and each us have grown up a lot over the few years we have known each other. Love is unconditional and right now I am just a little disappointed at this situation completely. To many fractions and taking sides on the matter. I can understand the concerns and hurt that has happened. But I do not understand the taking side and treating each other is such ways.

And like I said I am saying who is right and justified in the matter. I am not taking anyone’s side. But just wanted to place down to remind myself of situations like this ;)


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Jul. 29th, 2002 01:25 pm (UTC)
Hey Girl I just saw on the board what happened and I am sorry.! Are you okay tho? ^_^ *hugs*
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