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Well, where do I start?
I have a nice group of friends and always making more friends. But of late I have noticed something that bothers me greatly.

A group foundly called the collective cause they all live together and are good friends. Seem to be un supportive of certain people that are consider friends.

I will be the first to admit there are flaws with everyone and I always give them a chance to learn from those faults. I will always love them no matter what the case maybe.

It's Sad that certain people in this collective have be so backwards and say things to a complete Stranger and not to that person?

Come on .. what the hell is a friend for? :: sighs::

Well any ways.. I am sure things will improve..


Mar. 25th, 2002 10:44 am (UTC)
man, that sound *exactally* like my situation with my ex and his clique =(

they would tell matt that i did stuff (admittedly dumb things) that bothered them, but not me. god forbit they address it with me. once more i would ASK them something, they would say no, then turn their backs and complain to others about the same thing *sigh*

the best one was when erica (the female i lived with, dating my ex's best friend, who incidentlly had a boner for me, despite my cold shoulder to him) anyway, erica bitched at matt that i wore clothing that was "too revealing"

well, you have seen me...i dressed exactally the same, maybe more covered up cause it was winter. yet she would wear a tanktop with no bra and short short shorts (undoubtedly without underwear) and bitch at matt about ME wearing shirts that were too tight *sigh*

if you look WAAAY back, one of my first oh, 20 posts is about this.