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Matter of Fact

I hate my current situations..

Losing my job, but I am finding a better one..

No car.. found out today that it would about 2100$ to get the car fixed.. Depression hits hard..

So now I am looking for a car I get fast..

I called my Great Aunt.. and I asked if she got her information she needed. And said she didnt wanted me to come visit her again. And explained to her that I couldnt cause of the car. She then said, " Well you will do the same thing about the new car."

I swear there is some force out there called assholes of family memebers that just dont want to see me on my two feet to get some sick kick in bashing me.

::sighs:: any ways.. I have got to think of something before I am just in a major bind..
Budget makesure everything is alright and blah blah blah ..


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Aug. 12th, 2002 11:02 am (UTC)
Talk To Da Trot...
You his fave widdle foxy sis, he might be able to point you in a good direction or two. :)

And worst case, you can bring him along shopping with you to kick tires and look dubious and intimidating. ;D

Dun worry, Rene, you'll NEVER be out on your butt, and you'll never have to tuck tail and go home again. Too much Family (the capital F kind) to make sure of that.
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